Friday, July 25, 2014

PingID - cloud-based mobile strong authentication

We had Ping Identity come by our office yesterday to demonstrate to us their technologies & latest PingID launch and to explore working opportunity moving forward.

So it's hot! Ping Identity just launched PingID this week. PingID is a cloud-based mobile strong authentication and multi-factor solution for PingOne and PingFederate that enables users to authenticate to applications via their phones.

PingID will kick in during Step-Up Authentication. So instead of keying in a OTP passcode, you fire up PingID mobile application on your smartphone and swipe the red iD button (see picture above).

Once swiped, you'll be automatically granted access to your protected application. As simple as that.

Pretty cool! 

Now, currently PingID only supports integration with PingOne and PingFederate. I think PingID can easily be sold separately as a standalone product to integrate with other Single Sign-On products. That would capture bigger market share! :)