Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Gartner Magic Quadrant - IGA 2017

I woke this morning and received an email from SailPoint. It maintains as the leader in Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) market as named by Gartner for Q1, 2017.

Not a surprise for me to see SailPoint up there in the chart. 

What really surprised me is how RSA has been dropped from Challengers quadrant to Niche Players quadrant after being merged with Dell Technologies. As far as I know, there is no change to the product line. 

Another surprise is CA Technologies has managed to move from Visionaries quadrant to Leaders quadrant. This is largely due to 2 changes, from our own experience.

1) CA Identity Portal

This is a product developed by a company SIGMA recently bought over by CA. With this Identity Portal in place, the user experience has improved drastically.

The old UI looks similar to the one shown below. Sucks big time!

2) CA Identity Suite Virtual Appliance

The Virtual Appliance is a full-featured deployment of CA Identity Suite, pre-installed and pre-configured in a virtual machine image format. Installation is no longer needed.

If you have experience installing Oracle and CA products, you will know what I meant by "pain-in-the-xxx" during installation. Due to the complexity in the various components within the same product, installation takes forever and this eats into the professional service man-days. And overall, your total pricing will not be attractive!

The Virtual Appliance supports a variety of deployment options and is available from CA Identity Suite 12.6.8 CR1 onwards.

Note: I have not read the report in detail yet and have no idea how the evaluation was made. Above is my own personal experience using the 2 products.