Saturday, May 16, 2009

. MacBook, E71, Sun Java System Calendar . Sync Issue

In my work, I am always on the move. I recently get myself a Nokia E71 and subscribed to M1 SunSurf 22 data plan. This allows me to read/send emails with ease whenever I am.

Now, that solves the emailing problem. How about calendaring? This is not so simple given the fact that I am using:

  • MacBook
  • Nokia E71
  • Sun Java System Calendar Server

To sync E71 with MacBook, Nokia provides a nice little plug-in to iSync. But, iSync only extracts data from iCal.

I am a long-time Thundbird fan and I use Lightning. Both have been working perfectly on my MacBook until I bought my E71.

There are 2 things I can do:

  1. find a way to sync Lightning with E71;
  2. find a way to sync iCal with E71

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