Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to install Sun Directory Server 6.3.1

I have been deploying and supporting Sun Directory Server for a while, since 5 years ago with version 5.2. The current Directory Server version is 6.3.1. 

At present, there are 2 ways to install Sun Directory Server - native package (PKG) or compressed archive (ZIP).

Most of my customers runs Solaris, with exception of one global logistic company running Red Hat. As such, my preference is to always choose PKG install. 

Reason is simple: 

If we need to patch the Directory Server later, all we need to do is to download the latest patch (in PKG format, of course) and execute pkgadd command. Clean and simple! I like to keep things simple.

So, here we go:

Go to this download page.

Select "Native Package (PKG)" for Delivery Type.

Choose "Base Full Install DSEE 6.0". (since we need base installation)

Right-click on the "" hyperlink. I prefer to download directly instead of via the Sun Download Manager. (as usual, keep it simple!)

Now, once the download begins, we need to navigate back to the previous screen to download the "Patch Only Install".

Why? Because the base installation comes with DSEE 6.0. We need to patch it to 6.3.1.
Troublesome? It seems so initially, but I'm thinking ahead when further patch(es) comes. My job will be easier then.

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