Wednesday, June 10, 2009

OpenMail Control Panel

I talked about our switch to Sun Java System Messaging Server some times back (read here). We brand it as OpenMail

Feedbacks were gathered and it was very obvious that our customers did not like Sun Java System Delegated Administrator - an administrative user interface. It was not intuitive for normal administrators. (These are usually non-technical people being assigned to manage user mail accounts for his/her company) 

I must admit the words "Delegated Administrator" already create confusion among our customers. Thus, we decided that we need to build our own administrative user interface - from scratch. 

We call it OpenMail Control Panel. (Many people know what is CPanel.  They can relate to what it is supposed to do. Thus, "Control Panel" is suitable.)

We consciously apply Pareto principle (commonly known as 80/20 rule) during development. 
  1. We will only develop features required by 80% of our user base.
  2. 20% of the features requests will take up 80% of our development time, but might not be useful to our users (at least for 80% of them). Thus, we should not spend time on these.
The features should be business-driven, practical and intuitive:
  1. Non-cluttered interface
  2. Single page to create new email account (no wizard please!)
  3. Single page to create new mailing list (again - no wizard please!)
  4. Single page to list users' quota (new feature request)
  5. Receive a list of over-quota email accounts (new feature request)

Create New Email Account

Create New Mailing List

View Over-Quota Accounts ( New Feature )

Receive Over-Quota Accounts Notification ( New Feature )

This is our initial release and we'll spend a couple of weeks gathering feedback from our customers. We hope to refine the current features before new ones are added.

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