Sunday, July 26, 2009

OpenDS 2.0 Installation on MacBook

OpenDS 2.0 has been released for 2 weeks. I did not have the time until now to install a copy on my laptop for self-discovery purpose.

As long as you have JDK installed on MacBook, installation is a breeze. It took me less than 5 mins to get a decent instance up and running.
cheechongs-macbook:OpenDS-2.0.0 cheechong$ ./setup --cli

OpenDS Directory Server 2.0.0
Please wait while the setup program initializes...

What would you like to use as the initial root user DN for the Directory
Server? [cn=Directory Manager]:     
Please provide the password to use for the initial root user:         
Please re-enter the password for confirmation:         

On which port would you like the Directory Server to accept connections from
LDAP clients? [1389]: 

On which port would you like the Administration Connector to accept
connections? [4444]: 8888 <-- I dun like 4444. I'll use 8888 instead.

What do you wish to use as the base DN for the directory data?
[dc=example,dc=com]: dc=sg,dc=sun
Options for populating the database:

    1)  Only create the base entry
    2)  Leave the database empty
    3)  Import data from an LDIF file
    4)  Load automatically-generated sample data

Enter choice [1]: 4
Please specify the number of user entries to generate: [2000]: 

Do you want to enable SSL? (yes / no) [no]: yes
On which port would you like the Directory Server to accept connections from
LDAPS clients? [1636]: 

Do you want to enable Start TLS? (yes / no) [no]: 
Certificate server options:

    1)  Generate self-signed certificate (recommended for testing purposes
    2)  Use an existing certificate located on a Java Key Store (JKS)
    3)  Use an existing certificate located on a JCEKS key store
    4)  Use an existing certificate located on a PKCS#12 key store
    5)  Use an existing certificate on a PKCS#11 token

Enter choice [1]: 

Do you want to start the server when the configuration is completed? (yes /
no) [yes]: 

Setup Summary
LDAP Listener Port:            1389
Administration Connector Port: 8888
LDAP Secure Access:            Enable SSL on LDAP Port 1636
Create a new Self-Signed Certificate
Root User DN:                  cn=Directory Manager
Directory Data:                Create New Base DN dc=sg,dc=sun.
Base DN Data: Import Automatically-Generated Data (2000 Entries)

Start Server when the configuration is completed

What would you like to do?

    1)  Setup the server with the parameters above
    2)  Provide the setup parameters again
    3)  Cancel the setup

Enter choice [1]: 

Configuring Directory Server ..... Done.
Configuring Certificates ..... Done.
Importing Automatically-Generated Data (2000 Entries) ....... Done.
Starting Directory Server ......... Done.

See /tmp/opends-setup-17177.log for a detailed log of this operation.

To see basic server configuration status and configuration you can launch /Users/cheechong/Documents/Technical/OpenDS-2.0.0/bin/status

To verify:

cheechongs-macbook:bin cheechong$ ./status 

>>>> Specify OpenDS LDAP connection parameters
Administrator user bind DN [cn=Directory Manager]: 
Password for user 'cn=Directory Manager':         
--- Server Status ---
Server Run Status:        Started
Open Connections:         1

--- Server Details ---
Host Name:                       cheechongs-macbook.local
Administrative Users:     cn=Directory Manager
Installation Path:             /Users/cheechong/Documents/Technical/OpenDS-2.0.0
Version:                             OpenDS Directory Server 2.0.0
Java Version:                    1.5.0_16
Administration Connector: Port 8888 (LDAPS)

--- Connection Handlers ---
Address:Port : Protocol : State
--                   : LDIF        : Disabled  : SNMP      : Disabled : LDAP     : Enabled : LDAPS   : Enabled : JMX      : Disabled

--- Data Sources ---
Base DN:     dc=sg,dc=sun
Backend ID:  userRoot
Entries:     2002
Replication: Disabled

This installation is far easier and faster than Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition installation.

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