Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mail Journaling Solution

There have been requests recently for Mail Journaling Solution to integrate with Sun Java Messaging Server.

Sun used to work closely with AXS-One for a very short period of time. I attended the workshop when it was offered for Partners and Sun Professional Service.

However, honestly speaking, the price for AXS-One is far too expensive. Mid-size companies might also find the price too high for their likings, unless there is a very strong compliance reason for them to adopt. Otherwise, most will give it a miss.

What are the options left?

If you do not mind your archived data be hosted in the Cloud, you can easily subscribe to Google Postini Email Archiving Service.

I found another Email Archiving & Compliance product (MailArchiva) yesterday when I was scoping for a tender in Bangladesh.

This is a open-source product. The good thing about it is the data is always with you.

From a technical point of view, I like it for its support for many variance of Messaging Products. Notice that Sun Java Messaging Server is not mentioned. But I'll be giving it a test with our own production Sun Java Messaging Server.

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