Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sun Java Indexing and Search Service

The latest release of Sun Java Communications Suite 7 comes with a very exciting component called "Sun Java Indexing and Search Service" (ISS).

However, in reality, it is pretty challenging to sell. Imagine the additional boxes required.

Software Requirement

* Communications Suite: Messaging Server, Indexing and Search Service, and Java Message Queue
* Application server web container for Indexing and Search Service: GlassFish
* LDAP server: Directory Server
* (Optional): Apache HTTP Server version 2, for multi-host deployments (used as web container for ISS back ends)

For High-Availability deployment, it's harder to sell Communications Suite 7 with ISS.

* Java Message Queue in clustered mode via Sun Cluster
* Glassfish in clustered mode via Glassfish Cluster
* Directory Server in Multi-Master Replication mode
* Apache in clustered mode via Heartbeat
* Not forgetting load-balancer with VLAN support to load-balance the various clustered components


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