Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cons of porting to Google Apps

I am a subscriber of the popular iPlanet Messaging Server User Forum. Link here.

There's a discussion to investigate the pros/cons of Sun Java Communications Suite versa Google Apps.

Btw, Google is heading strongly into Education arena these days. Well, who's not interested in the capturing the bigger fish?

I'm pretty interested in following this discussion because we are also in the Corporate Email Hosting business via OpenMail.SG brand. I'm also being asked the same question multiple times. My response's here.

There's a reply:
I talked to someone from XXX last year, they moved to google apps. The issues he talked about were concerns about privacy, high project effort for the transition, and (lack of) support. The provider does not offer things like moving or renaming accounts for instance. And one has to be aware that the users will still contact the university helpdesk if there is a problem, so you still will have to provide support.

XXX ended up providing their users a choice between an institutional email account or google mail.

It ended with the following:

There is a Dutch saying: only the sun rises for free.

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