Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sun Glassfish Web Space Server Update 6 - Call Add-On

The presentation to a Philippines government-link company was a success yesterday.

They are especially keen on the Call Add-On that comes with Sun Glassfish Web Space Server Update 6.

So here I am ... researching more on this new feature.

It was way too wordy reading Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10.0 Call Add-On Guide from here. Thus I come up with the diagram below.

Making Call Add-On works with Sun Web Space Server is simple.

A. On Web Space Server, ensure RUON and the Call component are installed.
RUON enables presence functionality in Web Space Server; while Call component comes from Call Add-on

B. On another server, install SailFin which will provide SIP and Call-Registrar component.

The JSR 289 compliant scalable SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) servlets technology on top of a deployment-quality, Java EE based GlassFish. SailFin is an open-source implementation of Sun GlassFish Communications Server; Call-Registrar component comes from Call Add-On

C. On the clients' laptops/desktops, download and install X-Lite from CounterPath.

The flow is as such:

1. Users log into Sun Web Space Server. RUON detects the users' presences.
2. In order to call from one person to the other, each has to initiate SIP via the SailFin server.
3. Once SIP is established, both can talk directly.

Pretty cool!

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