Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sun Gathering Debug Data

When we deploy Sun Cluster and have an issue, we usually run Sun Explorer. The backend engineer will be able to digest and analyze what has gone wrong.

When we deploy Sun Software Suite, we will use Sun Gathering Debug Data (Sun GDD or GDD).

GDD tools provide the right approach to problem resolution by leveraging proactive actions and best practices to help you gather the required debug data needed for further analysis. For each product covered, GDD tools provide documentation and scripts which detail the relevant data the Sun Technical Support Center requires for analyzing your problem. The tools gather 90% of the debug data frequently requested by the Sun Technical Support Center - including data for more common critical situations including memory, start/stop, installation, hang, and crash issues. By collecting this data before you initiate a Service Request, you can substantially reduce the time needed to analyze and resolve the problem.

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