Friday, February 12, 2010

Weird IPMP Output - Part II

A telco in the Philippines engaged us to troubleshoot a IPMP (IP Multipathing) issue on one of their Solaris box.

The customer is using Probe-based detection, not Link-based detection.

They always encounter the following 2 problems when IPMP is configured on this particular Solaris box:

1. The standby interface (e1000g2) on the node will always fail whenever it is configured for IPMP
2. Otherwise, when e1000g2 is the active interface, it will never fail-back to the primary interface (e1000g0)

1. OS version is Solaris 10 U7
2. The Patch Level is 141445-09.
3. A check on SunSolve reveals the following fact:

Solaris 10 Kernel Patches 141444-09 (SPARC) and 141445-09 (x86) cause interface failure in IPMP when configured for probe based failure detection. This issue does not occur with a IPMP link based failure detection configuration. (Read here)

4. Resolution

This issue is addressed in the following releases:

SPARC Platform:
Solaris 10 with patch 142900-02 or later

x86 Platform:
Solaris 10 with patch 142901-02 or later

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