Monday, March 15, 2010

AXIGEN Mail Server - Mobile Integration

What I like about AXIGEN is that it already has Mobility Access built-in. No additional mobile gateway required.

What is required from the Administrator is to turn on the feature.

By enabling Mobile User Interface, the WebMail service will attempt to detect if the connecting browser is a mobile phone browser and, if so, will serve the light XHTML version instead.

I tried accessing Axigen WebMail via a iPhone browser, it works perfectly. It is able to render light XHTML version - similar to what you'll get when you access Gmail on your mobile phone.

On my BlackBerry browser, no luck though.

Mobile Synchronization with AXIGEN is easy with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

See here for detailed instruction on how to configure your iPhone, Nokia or any Windows Mobile device.

Again, I tested with a iPhone. The setup was a breeze.

For BlackBerry device, you'll need AstraSync. See here for detailed setup instruction.

Note: AstraSync has a yearly renewal model. Each year costs US$49.

Anyway, I downloaded a trial version of AstraSync. My BlackBerry's calendar was sync-ed in less than 5 mins.

So far so good, installation and configuration was easy. Mobile integration was surprisingly easy as well.

What I learnt from Axigen so far:
  • Ease of installation is important
  • An intuitive administrative interface is very important
  • An architecture that can seamlessly integrate with external interfaces (mobile access in this case) is equally important

My observation is many administrators are not as technically inclined these days. Thus, products of tomorrow need to be fairly easy to manage and maintain. If integration is required, then it better be seamless.

PS: AstraSync was super stingy though. 6-days free trial only.

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