Friday, March 19, 2010

Compatibility Issues with Sun Directory Server 7

I'm meeting a local bank next week for their Sun Directory Server migration. They intend to migrate from version 5.2 to 7.0.

Sun Directory Server 5.2 is indeed a very old version and reaching ESOL fairly soon.

A few things to note for this latest release of Sun Directory Server 7:

1. Solaris 10 x86 32–bit support is removed

2. Agent for Sun Cluster support is removed

The High-Availability approach will only be left with Multi-Master Replication (MMR), since Directory Server in Sun Cluster mode is no longer supported.

3. The DSCC is now supported on Sun Web Server 7, GlassFish 2.1, and BEA WebLogic platforms

This is in addition to the already supported Tomcat. What a relief, finally! I gave up deploying DSCC on Sun Web Server 7 last December in a customer's site in the Philippines. (See here)

4. The DSCC is no longer supported on Sun Java Web Console

Actually I prefer using Sun Java Web Console as it's installed as part of the installation process. Maybe I'm just lazy. Ha!

PS: Btw, if I'm not wrong, this should be the last release of Sun Directory Server based on the old code base. The next enterprise release will be based on OpenDS code. There might not even be another release because OpenDS is already selling as Sun OpenDS Standard Enterprise -- the commercial product based on the OpenDS project..

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