Friday, March 26, 2010

Migrating to Sun Directory Server 7.0 -- Part II

Most customers are usually not comfortable with a 1-phase migration approach for their Directory Service. This is especially true for banks.

As such, usually, the Parallel Migration approach is adopted. This approach has the old and new Directory Servers running in parallel. Applications will be migrated one-at-a-time from utilizing the old Directory Server to the new one.

While the Parallel Migration is in process, there is a need for 2-way replication between the old and new Directory Servers. This ensures the data integrity.

2-way replication can only be configured for the following versions

1. DS 5.2 <-> DS 6.x
2. DS 5.2 <-> DS 7.0
3. DS 6.x <-> DS 7.0

Special Note: 
Sun Directory Server 5.1 cannot replicate directly with 6.x and 7.0, due to difference in schema.

A local customer was having the 5.1 version and they wanted to upgrade to 6.3.1. We had to configure the replication as such:

DS 5.1 <-> DS 5.2 <-> DS 6.3.1

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  1. Chee,

    Sun Directory Server 5.1 cannot replicate with DS 6.x or 7.x due to changes in the replication protocols done in 5.2 (and some differences in schema and schema replication). 5.2 did support both replication protocols. But 6.0 only supports the new protocol and added some functionalities that can only be used within a 6.x or 7.x replication topology.

    This said, adding a temporary 5.2 server in the topology works but may quickly reach the maximum numbers of Masters supported in Replication topologies with 5.2 Masters.