Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mobile Sync with Sun Calendar Server

The latest Sun Java Communications Suite 7 comes with 2 versions of Sun Calendar Servers - Calendar Server 7 and Calendar Server 6.3.

Why are there 2 versions of Calendar Servers?

  • Calendar Server 7 is the new CalDAV-based calendar server that interoperates with all leading CalDAV-compliant clients, including mobile CalDAV clients.

  • Calendar Server 6.3 is the calendar server that Sun has been deploying for years. However, if you need to sync the Calendar on your mobile phones with Sun Calendar Server 6.3, you need an additional component - Sun Mobile Communications Server.

Architecturally, both Calendar Servers are totally different. Calendar Server 7 is not an upgrade version of Calendar Server 6.

  • Calendar Server 6 has an internal HTTP daemon ("Calendar Express") that bridges between the WebMail (Sun Convergence or Communications Express UWC) and Calendar Server front-end. The Calendar Server front-end interacts with Calendar Server back-end subsequently.
  • The Calendar data is stored in Berkeley database.

  • Calendar Server 7 is developed as a Java web-application. It sits on top of an Java Application Server.
  • The Calendar data is stored in MySQL database.
  • Currently, there is no bridge between WebMail and Calendar Server 7.

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