Friday, April 9, 2010

Liferay Portal Hierarchy

We just clinched a deal to develop a social-network-driven Sales Commissioning site using LifeRay Portal.

LifeRay Portal hierarchy is built to be flexible. So flexible that one can be overwhelmed as to how to get started with organizing the users.

A bit of reading up helps...

The concepts Liferay uses to organize a portal:

1. Portals are accessed by Users.

2. Users can be collected into User Groups.

3. Users can belong to Organizations.

4. Organizations can be grouped into hierarchies, such as Home Office -> Regional Office -> Satellite Office.

5. Users, Groups, and Organizations can belong to Communities that have a common interest.

Organizations can be members of Communities, Communities can be members of Roles, Users can be members of anything, and so on.


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