Tuesday, May 4, 2010

GlassFish Roadmap

In my work, I used to deploy applications on Sun Java Systems Application Server. That was in the Sun AS 7.x/8.x/9.x days.

7.x was not very fantastic. But starting from 8.2, the core engine got stabilized and using Sun AS was a breeze. Of course, HADB continued to be a nightmare! :)

9.x became even more attractive when In-memory Replication was introduced. This feature should have come earlier.

Come on, how many customers really need 99.999% availability that HADB promises? In-memory replication is good enough. (I mean for most customers. It's cost-effective and easier to manage.)

Slowly, Sun AS 9.x was rebranded to GlassFish Enterprise Server. The stable release is in 3.0 currently.
It is really a good and cheaper alternative to WebLogic Application Server.

GlassFish Administration

Well, then Oracle comes along and declares Oracle WebLogic Server as the Strategic Application Server.

GlassFish Enterprise Server is now considered by Oracle to be only ideally suited for applications requiring lightweight infrastructure with the most up-to-date implementation of enterprise Java.

What a joke! :) 

But at least, the product will not be EOL. The latest roadmap at least promises Coherence to be integrated into version 3.1.

The catch is - you need to pay for Coherence to be integrated. Otherwise, use Shoal Clustering.

I think this is better than nothing. 


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