Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sun Software Product Map - Part II

Sun Java System Portal Server

Sun Java System Portal Server is completed discontinued. 

Sun Portal Server brings me very good memory. This is the very first product we deployed in Philippines when we become Sun Partner 6 years back. Subsequently, we deployed many more instances. It's selling well in Philippines. 

In Singapore, we still have a few Sun Portal Servers running. I deployed 2 instances in S'pore and am currently supporting one of them. 

Goodbye, my dear friend. 

Sun Java System Web Server

Sun Java System Web Server and Web Proxy Server have been rebranded to Oracle iPlanet Web Server and Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server.

Welcome back, iPlanet! History of iPlanet here.

iPlanet has come a long way ...

iPlanet ... Sun ONE ... Java Enterprise System ... Sun Java System ... iPlanet

Sun Java System Identity Manager

Sun Java System Identity Manager is now Oracle Waveset. (Waveset IdM was bought over by Sun)

Oracle is keen on pushing it's own Oracle Identity Manager. Thus there is no choice but to discard Sun Identity Manager. Sun Role Manager (bought over from Vaau), which was supposed to be integrated with Sun Identity Manager, is now rebranded as Oracle Identity Analytics. Most likely it will be used to integrate/complement Oracle Identity Manager.

Unlike Sun Portal Server, Oracle Waveset is kept. I can only guess that we have a few local banks currently using it. A huge ministry has just awarded a tender and the key component is Oracle Waveset.

In the Asia region, a few Thai banks are also customers of Oracle Waveset to my knowledge.


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