Monday, October 25, 2010

OpenSSO - Manual configuration

I was trying to configure OpenSSO Enterprise Server manually without using the GUI Configurator.

The following error was encountered:

-bash-3.00$ java -jar /dist/osso/tools/config/configurator.jar -f /dist/osso/tools/config/osso1-config
Not Found
Configuration failed!

What an unfriendly error message! What is "Not Found"?

It was only after a while then I realized I have forgotten to deploy the opensso.war into my Glassfish container. How careless I was!

So here we go again:

-bash-3.00$ opt/gf211/bin/asadmin deploy --user admin --port 7878 --secure /dist/osso/opensso.war
Command deploy executed successfully.

-bash-3.00$ java -jar /dist/osso/tools/config/configurator.jar -f /dist/osso/tools/config/osso1-config
Checking configuration directory /sso/var/opensso....Success.
Installing OpenSSO configuration store...Success RSA/ECB/OAEPWithSHA1AndMGF1Padding.
Installing OpenSSO configuration store in /sso/var/opensso/opends...Success.
Creating OpenSSO suffix...Success.
Tag swapping schema files....Success.
Loading Schema am_sm_ds_schema.ldif...Success.
Loading Schema am_remote_opends_schema.ldif...Success.
Loading Schema fam_sds_schema.ldif...Success.
Reinitializing system properties....Done
Registering service amEntrySpecific.xml...Success.
Configuring system....Done
Configuring server instance....Done
Creating Web Service Security Agents....Done
Setting up registration files....Done
Configuration complete!

Nevertheless, I still think that we can do better with a friendlier error message.


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