Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An internal authentication error has occurred

I am near the final milestone of this IAMS project - deploying the Production environment.

We have a custom Authentication Module for this enterprise Single Sign-On infrastructure. I have done it many times in the development and staging environment and they worked!

However, I keep getting "An internal authentication error has occurred" when this custom Authentication module is turned on.

No choice. I need to turn on the verbose logging and this is what is been captured in Authentication debug log - "unable to find LoginModule class"

Ok, I must have made a mistake during the registration of the auth module via ssoadm.jsp. I think I must have key in only the Java class name without the full package path.

So I went ahead with ssoadm.jsp again to register with a full package Java class name.

Restarted OpenSSO server just to play safe. No luck!

Hmmm.... I recalled that in the days of Sun Access Manager 6.x and 7.x, there was no such thing as registering an authentication module via ssoadm.jsp. We did it manually and one of the steps was to add in the Pluggable Authentication Module Classes in Configuration > Core.

So I went ahead to verify the entries. Jackpot! 

Removing the last entry resolved the issue.


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