Friday, February 25, 2011

Model must not be null in CCPropertySheet()

The project I am currently on requires High Availability for Single Sign-On in the production environment. (we have 2 nodes) The Authentication module is customized as we have special business logic to handle during users' login process.

So to plug in a new Authentication module is easy.
1. Deploy the jar
2. Dump the properties file in classes directory
3. Add in the XML file in config/auth/default directory
4. Create the new service
5. Register the authentication module

All went well with Node 1. However, I kept getting Model must not be null in CCPropertySheet() error on Node 2. I have restarted Node 2 more than once. Strange!

So what really happened?

I have forgotten to apply Step 1 - 3 on node 2. Ha!

(Note: Step 4 - 5 are only done once via the ssoadm.jsp UI)


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