Monday, March 7, 2011

Backing up configuration data

Before a project goes LIVE, what do we usually do? Make sure backup is in place in case disaster kicks in.

So, this is what I am doing this week. I need to have a backup mechanism for the Single Sign-On infrastructure which I have set up for the local education ministry.

This book comes in handy - OpenAM by Indira. There's this chapter on Backup, Recovery and Logging.

The safest way to backup OpenSSO/OpenAM configuration data is non other than filesystem backup. (not mentioned in Sun's documentation)

The critical files and directories that need to be backed up are as follows:
• bootstrap
• OpenDS (whole directory)
• .version
• .configParam
• certificate stores
• config/xml (whole directory; if there is customized service schema)

ssoadmin@node01 $ /usr/sfw/bin/gtar -cvf opensso-bak.tar --exclude "opensso/opends/logs" opensso/bootstrap opensso/opends opensso/.configParam opensso/.version opensso/.configParam opensso/opensso/.keypass opensso/opensso/.storepass opensso/opensso/keystore.jks

If you are lazy, backup the whole configuration directory. But I would suggest discarding the debug and log directories. 

That can take up a huge amount of space if the log is verbose.


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