Monday, March 28, 2011

Policy Configuration in OpenSSO 8.0 U2 Patch 1 still not working

This is a follow up to my post in Feb. I was trying to configure my authentication sources in a failover/load-balanced manner. It was not successful in OpenSSO 8.0 U2, but that was fine since I wrote my own authentication module. Thus was able to fix the bug within my own module.

However, there is another section in OpenSSO which we need to configure the same way - Policy Configuration. We have since upgraded to OpenSSO 8.0 U2 Patch 1. However, the same bug exist.

As long as the format is "local server name|host name:port", the OpenSSO server will get confused and will not parse the string properly.

What's the workaround?

The best we can do is to configure OpenSSO in a load-balanced manner (point to localhost). Failover is not possible in this configuration.


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