Wednesday, September 7, 2011

OpenAM : Extending to a Dual Instance Deployment

If you are using the web-based GUI to install your 2nd OpenAM instance, you'll come to Step 3 wizard page (Configuration Data Store Settings).

Since this is the 2nd instance, we should select "Add to Existing Deployment?". Then we should key in the "Server URL" - which points to the 1st OpenAM instance.

Once the Server URL is entered, the LDAP Server will be auto-populated. Strange thing is the Port is populated with "null".

So is this going to work or not? I went ahead to continue with the installation.

The installation completed without any error! After installation, I logged into OpenAM Admin Console to double check. Everything is good. The LDAP port for my 2nd instance is reflected as "1389" - which is correct.

It's still a mystery why "null" was displayed in the installation wizard.


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