Wednesday, December 21, 2011

OpenDJ Replication Server error during handshake phase

I have a pair of OpenDJ servers running in MMR mode. Customer has a sudden requirement to change IP addresses.

Simple request.. So I went ahead to modify the /etc/hosts. As simple as that.

No. The following error is observed in OpenDJ errors logs on both nodes:

[21/Dec/2011:12:46:32 +0800] category=SYNC severity=SEVERE_ERROR msgID=14942387 msg=Replication server 30809 was attempting to connect to replication server but has disconnected in handshake phase

[21/Dec/2011:12:46:32 +0800] category=SYNC severity=SEVERE_ERROR msgID=14942263 msg=In Replication server Replication Server 8888 30809: replication servers and have the same ServerId : 20398


[21/Dec/2011:12:46:36 +0800] category=SYNC severity=SEVERE_ERROR msgID=14942316 msg=Unable to send monitor data request for domain "cn=admin data" to replication server RS(30809) due to the following error: Socket closed

I resolved this by restarting both nodes.


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