Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Policy Agent 2.2 in CDSSO mode connecting to OpenAM Issue

One of my customers has a legacy Policy Agent 2.2 configured in CDSSO mode. It needs to connect to the newly installed OpenAM 9.5.3 server.

No luck... It was not a breeze porting over... We kept getting the following error:
WARNING: LdapSPValidator.validateAndGetRestriction: Invalid agent ID:

See here.

Finally after much research, I found a link from Oracle. Not exactly the same deployment, but similar sympton.

The Web Proxy Agent 2.2-01 in Cross Domain Single Sign-on mode does not work with Access Manager 7.1 Patch . The agentRootURL requirement was added as a security measure to ensure that CDC is handing off ssotoken cookie to trusted agents running at known URLs.

  • Go to Access Control > / (Top Level Realm) > Agents > 2.2 Agents > UrlAccessAgent
  • Key in agentRootURL= to Agent Key Value(s).



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