Monday, June 18, 2012

OpenAM Logging

In OpenAM 10.0.0, there is an enhancement to the logging subsystem.

Previously, the log files in %BASE_DIR%/%SERVER_URI%/log/ are accumulated. And they can get really huge if no proper housekeeping is in place.

So the enhancement in this release is to implement log rotation (-1 implies no rotation).

To turn on log rotation, key in a value greater than -1 (1440 in minutes == 1 day). There is no need to restart OpenAM server.

Nice! The logs are now rotated every day.

However, the nightmare remains.... the logs in debug and stats directories remain unrotated. The next improvement should be the log files in these 2 directories. For the time being, nightly cron is still a must! :)

Updated on 21th Jun 2012

I was wrong about saying logs in debug directory remain unrotated. See OPENAM-41. It's there, but super not obvious only.


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