Thursday, September 13, 2012

OpenAM : No Configuration found

My colleague hit into "No configuration found" error yesterday when trying to configure a new Authentication module.

Once the new module is configured and when he accessed the OpenAM Login Page, the following screen will be shown:

It took me a while to resolve this... and a very strange error indeed.

The module name cannot have a "." character in it. He was using "SSOSG.AD". When he changed to "SSOSGAD", everything works!



  1. Hi ,

    I am facing same error in openam version 10.

    Can you please notify me how to change module name in openam ?

    which version of openam community has fix this issue ?


  2. Hi,

    just wanted to update i found that how to change module name.

    but issue is steel occurs
    my module name do not contain any special characters..
    my module is simple like "SSOAM" .

    it is very appreciated for me if you give me any possible solutions for this.

    Can you please provide any update on this problems ?


  3. turn on debug log level to MESSAGE and start tracing.