Thursday, January 31, 2013

Invalid Credential when Add to Existing Deployment

I wanted to conduct a mini-POC for my customer with a dual instance of OpenAM servers. However, we have only 1 OpenAM server running in our labs. So, I went ahead to install the 2nd instance.

No good! Keep hitting "Unauthorised - Invalid Credentials" error...

How can that be? I was very sure I keyed in the correct credential of the 1st OpenAM in Step 1.

It was only after a while then I found out the cause. Our 1st OpenAM was already configured to authenticate with Microsoft AD by default.

The installer, by default, needs to communicate with OpenAM via the DataStore instance. So, we need to temporarily switch the AZAD instance back to DataStore.

And once the installer goes through, switch back to AZAD again will do the trick!



  1. See
    You should use more recent versions. :)

  2. I'm using 10.0.1. That's very strange!

  3. Even 1st openAM points to data store also giving same error while adding 1st openAM instance in second. Please suggest

  4. "Adding 1st OpenAM instance in second"??? What is this?