Monday, February 4, 2013

Invalid Credential when Add to Existing Deployment - Part II

Last week, I posted this - Invalid Credential when Add to Existing Deployment where I attempted to install and configure a 2nd instance of OpenAM server via the Configuration Wizard UI.

Not successful if the default ldapService is not switched to DataStore.

Out of curiosity, I install a 3rd instance of OpenAM server in our test labs. However, I choose to configure via SSO Configurator Tool this time round.

Went through smoothly like a breeze!

[azlabs@idp config]$ java -jar configurator.jar -f am3config
Checking configuration directory /home/azlabs/var/am3....Success.
Installing OpenAM configuration store...Success RSA/ECB/OAEPWithSHA1AndMGF1Padding.
Extracting OpenDJ, please wait...Complete
Running OpenDJ setupSetup command: --cli --adminConnectorPort 7888 --baseDN dc=azlabs,dc=sg --rootUserDN cn=Directory Manager --ldapPort 52389 --skipPortCheck --rootUserPassword xxxxxxx --jmxPort 3689 --no-prompt --configFile /home/azlabs/var/am3/opends/config/config.ldif --doNotStart --hostname %0AOpenDJ+2.4.5%0APlease+wait+while+the+setup+program+initializes...%0A%0ASee+%2Fhome%2Fazlabs%2Fopt%2Ftomcat-7.0.34-am3%2Ftemp%2Fopends-setup-6235062839150188850.log+for+a+detailed+log+of+this+operation.%0A%0AConfiguring+Directory+Server+.....+Done.%0A%0ATo+see+basic+server+configuration+status+and+configuration+you+can+launch+%2Fhome%2Fazlabs%2Fvar%2Fam3%2Fopends%2Fbin%2Fstatus%0A...Success.
Installing OpenAM configuration store in /home/azlabs/var/am3/opends...Success.

Reinitializing system properties....Done
Configuring server instance....Done
Setting up monitoring authentication file.
Configuration complete!

Strange indeed.


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