Monday, February 25, 2013

OpenAM 10.1.0 Release Notes

It's great news that OpenAM 10.1.0 Xpress has been released late last week.

With this new release, the session failover mechanism has been changed. It used to be utilizing Open Message Queue and Berkeley DB Java Edition.

The current implementation makes use of the embedded OpenDJ server to store user sessions. The best thing about it is this implementation can be used to make sessions persist across restart for single OpenAM servers.

However, do take note: "When session failover is configured to use external OpenDJ directory servers, OpenAM must access those directory servers through an LDAP load balancer that can fail over connections from OpenAM whenever a directory server goes offline. Otherwise, sessions could continue to persist after users logout of OpenAM."

There are 2 other limitations which I think worth mentioning.

1. Do not run different versions of OpenAM together in the same OpenAM site.

==> This has not been possible before. But I really hope it can happen in the future. This will make migration really easy. Just a wish, no harm wishing. :)

2. Not all features of OpenAM work with IPv6.

==> IPv6 is pretty hot these days and the IT governing body in Singapore has even dictated that all software be compliant with IPv6 in all the ministries. This makes life difficult for Systems Integrators like us. If a software does not fully support IPv6, what can we do? It takes time for all software (especially matured software) to slowly conform to IPv6.


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