Monday, March 25, 2013

OpenAM Policy Agent for Apache HTTPD server

My customer has this weird problem with OpenAM Policy Agent for Apache HTTPD server which I can't explain yet.

We know if we want immediate policy/configuration update from OpenAM, we can restart the Apache HTTPD server and the new configuration will be fetched from OpenAM server.

Well, he did restarted the Apache HTTPD server as what I had instructed him to do. But whenever he did it himself, it'll not work. There's no change to the new configuration. However, if I helped him to perform the restart, it'll work 100% of the time!

Very strange!

I found out the difference later.

HE: $./apachectl restart

ME: $./apachectl stop; ./apachectl start

Why? I seriously do not know why. My main concentration last week was on another task. So I didn't spend the time debugging why.

Seriously very strange!


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