Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Invalid Credential when Add to Existing Deployment - Part IV

I have blogged quite a lot on this topic (see here and here) and I have also find out the Configurator is only expected to work for a particular setup (see here).

It will fail if customers happen to arrange the Organization and Administrator Authentication configurations in a way that was described in my previous posting.

Today, I am again setting up a pair of OpenAM for internal testing for a customer of mine. This time round, there is no customization at all. Just a plain vanilla setup.

And of course, the Configurator works like a charm as long as the First instance of OpenAM server is alive and running.

The Configurator will "contact" the 1st instance and grab all the configured parameters over. What's more, it will suggest the next best port numbers to use (since the default port numbers have already been used by the 1st instance).

Nice right? Only if the Organization and Administrator Authentication configurations are arranged in a way the Configurator likes.


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