Thursday, April 25, 2013

OpenAM Policy Agent Configuration Reload Interval

So what's there to further squeeze the performance of Policy Agent during high-load? -- This is a typical question from customers.

There is this section on Policy Agent Configuration reload and cleanup interval. The default are set to 60 mins and 30 mins respectively.

This is what I verified by tailing the agent debug log (of course, you need to enable log level to MESSAGE at least). The timing is correct - once every 60 mins and 30 mins.

The following is what you'll see in detail when the reload takes place. (It's longer than the following)

So, should we change this value? My personal view (I already say personal view; do not point a gun at me :> ) is NO for Configuration Reload Interval, even for a very highly loaded server with policy agent installed.

A MAYBE for Configuration Cleanup Interval.


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