Thursday, June 13, 2013

SiteMinder Test Tool

This is a very cool test tool from CA SiteMinder. How I hope we can have one for OpenAM!

Yes, I'm hoping. No harm having a hope right? Maybe, some days it'll materialise. :)



  1. Hi Chee,

    I'm a big user of OpenAM. What are you thinking for a test tool for OpenAM? It's quite easy to have something to authenticate a user using the REST API, however involved an agent will be very difficult imho. If you have some ideas maybe we can try to develop such a tool!

  2. This test tool behaves exactly like a Policy Agent... And then, you can start to simulate how a normal end-user use a typical protected application by accessing a particular URL. Appropriate responses will be feedback. This is a very good tool for a QA team before approving a protected application to go LIVE.