Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Directory Server jar file ._snmp-mib2605.jar in directory ../lib/extensions cannot be loaded

I tried to install the latest release of OpenDJ 2.6 on my customer's environment in Thailand. (Download OpenDJ 2.6 here)

Somehow, I just could not get it to work! I kept getting the following error:

Jul 10, 2013 2:26:17 PM org.opends.quicksetup.Application$ApplicationPrintStream println
INFO: An error occurred while attempting to process the Directory Server
configuration file /data/webdata/opendj/config/config.ldif:  The Directory
Server jar file ._snmp-mib2605.jar in directory
/data/webdata/opendj/lib/extensions cannot be loaded because an unexpected
error occurred while trying to open the file for reading:  error in opening
zip file (

This is very strange. The environment which I was trying to install is a RHEL OS. And I have installed OpenDJ many times without any error.

A google brought me to this OpenDJ bugster OPENDJ-628. But this was marked as "Not a defect" and it happened only on Mac OS.

Hmmm... what's the relationship then? I went to the directory on the server where the OpenDJ tar file was un-tarred.

Did I say tar file? Bingo!

Before I traveled to Bangkok, I download OpenDJ 2.6 onto my Macbook Air. And my Safari auto-magically unzipped for me.

And so before I uploaded to the server in my customer's environment, I had to do a tar first. Yes, on my Macbook Air. 

And thank you Apple! See the diagram above.. The tar file contained tons of ._ files!!

OpenDJ doesn't like it during installation and setup.

So, I had to download OpenDJ again. But I had to make sure the "Open safe files after downloading" is unchecked on my Safari first.

Now, the downloaded OpenDJ remained in its ZIP format. Uploaded to the server again; unzipped; execute ./setup --cli.



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