Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cannot start Control Panel for embedded OpenDJ on Windows platform

This week is my 1st time trying to install production OpenAM on a Windows platform.
(Yes, I have never install Sun AM, Sun OpenSSO, ForgeRock OpenAM on Windows before) :>

As in all production environment, there are at least 2 OpenAM Servers (console-less) and 1 OpenAM Admin Server (console).

So, I happily installed the 3 OpenAM servers. After that, I wanted to make sure the replication in the embedded OpenDJ is behaving well. Of course, being in a Windows platform, I went searching for control-panel.bat

Bomb! I hit into bug OPENAM-1251. No luck! In the end, I downloaded a compatible OpenDJ zip instead.

I just updated the OpenAM SVN source. Good news! The bug has just been resolved. However, it would only be released in OpenAM 10.2.0.

Happy waiting!


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