Monday, October 14, 2013

Mobile Access Gateway

So CA has bought over Layer 7 Technologies in April.2013. How time flies?

While waiting for a friend in Paris CDG airport, I came across an article from CA Layer 7 regarding its recently released Mobile Access Gateway 2.0.

Secure Backend Systems & Ensure Seamless Access for Authorized Users
The Gateway comes with a Mobile SDK for enterprise app developers, which enables:
  •  Secure consumption of backend APIs through configuration of mutual SSL between the Gateway and the mobile device
  •   Single SignOn (SSO) to mobile apps via enterprise IAM systems or social login, to maintain a seamless end user experience
    The Mobile SDK uses key standards like OAuth, OpenID Connect and JWT to leverage the underlying security in mobile operating systems, making it simple for developers to add SSO to their apps. The SDK offers clientside libraries for iOS 6 and Android 4, plus sample code and documentation. 

Mobile SSO is definitely a hot topic these days. Watch out!