Saturday, November 30, 2013

OpenAM 11.0.0 Upgrade - Embedded OpenDJ Upgrade Issue

So, OpenAM 11.0 has been released and we being an ForgeRock Open Identity Stack implementor need to eat our own dog food.

We have a pair of OpenAM 10.1-Xpress running in Production, so I went ahead to upgrade the pair one at a time.

No good! As soon as the new WAR file was deployed and the Tomcat started, the following error is encountered  - "OpenDJ upgrade failed with code: 1".

Looking further at OpenDJ upgrade log, it showed "msg=An error occurred when trying to upgrade the config/upgrade folder:null".

Wow! This was tough. The error was too generic. Searched OpenDJ bugster and found this : OPENAM-2783 OpenDJ upgrader fails to upgrade from 10.1.0-Xpress.

The status was FIXED. And I still encountered same error!! How can it be?

Hmmm... looking at the logs again and again... and I noticed OpenDJ upgrader was reading a file "cts-add-schema.ldif.ORIGIN" right before exception occurred.

I went to the directory and found the said file exist! That reminded me that I did something to the schema sometime back. (Read my previous blog here)

So, I went ahead to remove this file and restarted Tomcat again.

Bingo! Nice!

PS: But is that to say there cannot be any "illegal" schema file(s) in the schema directory at all? 


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