Friday, November 8, 2013

OpenDJ Rest API - Part II

I continued to have fun with OpenDJ Rest2Ldap Interface. 

So how does one determine whether the Rest2Ldap interface is enabled? By default, it is disabled. 

To enable, follow the below example:

$ ./dsconfig set-connection-handler-prop --hostname --port 15444 --bindDN "cn=Directory Manager" --bindPassword password --handler-name "HTTP Connection Handler" --set listen-port:18080 --set enabled:true --no-prompt --trustAll

$ netstat -an | grep 18080
tcp        0      0 :::18080                    :::*                        LISTEN

We can use the status command to check the HTTP Connection Handler status (aka Rest2Ldap interface).

Or, like myself, we can take a look at config.ldif.

ds-cfg-config-file is the "soul" of Rest2Ldap.

This is where the mapping occurs to expose directory data over HTTP as JSON resources. The artifact for serving JSON resources is a REST to LDAP Gateway, which is technically a Servlet. The Servlet will be followed by a REST to LDAP Connection Handler within OpenDJ.

The benefit is of course to allow applications that do not support LDAP protocol to retrieve directory data via HTTP transport.


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