Thursday, November 7, 2013

OpenDJ vs OUD - Part II

I came across this comparison chart which clearly illustrates how the ForgeRock Open Identity Stack has evolved after Sun Microsystems sun-set.

The following chart attempts to compare OpenDJ against Directory Services offering from Oracle.

Oracle has 3 different directory products to choose from. The Sun OpenDS code base provides the foundation for both Oracle Unified Directory and OpenDJ which means all the advantages of the Oracle product can be found in OpenDJ as well - Internet scalability, HA, and support for use cases for the enterprise and cloud - except OpenDJ is 100% open source with an actively and rapidly contributing community and the flexibility to customize code.

Not forgetting the fact which I have mentioned in my previous blog - OpenDJ vs OUD - Which do you need?key team members from OpenDS projects are now in ForgeRock.

So who will have the more superior product over time?

The choice is really yours...


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