Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Replication Gateway - Part III

I blogged about OUD providing a Replication Gateway (note: this is different from Replication Server) to help replicate data two-ways from Sun DSEE to Oracle OpenDS or Unified Directory.

And I mentioned that there is in fact an alternative to replicate data from Sun DSEE to ForgeRock OpenDJ - which is using LDAP Synchronization Connector.

I was in ForgeRock Open Identity European Summit in Paris few weeks back and someone shared with me some bad experiences customers had when they used the Replication Gateway. I was told it did not work so beautifully. Strangely, directory schema was replicated!

Err… isn't the directory schema in the new OpenDS (aka OUD) not meant to be the same as the old Sun DSEE? OpenDS is supposed to be a revamp, but an upgrade for Sun DSEE.


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