Wednesday, December 25, 2013

OpenAM 10.0.2 released!

OpenAM 10.0.2 is a relatively silent release. It was made available on 20th Dec 2013 to customers with ForgeRock Subscriptions.


There is a long list of fixes for this release. You can read it from here in the release note.

Besides fixes, there are some enhancement made. I highlighted some below:

The changes for OPENAM-3330 and OPENAM-3353 affect the service configuration LDAP and Active Directory authentication modules. 

OPENAM-2765: DirectoryManagerImpl, IdRepoJAXRPCObjectImpl and SMSJAXRPCObjectImpl should return cluster unique IDs when registering notification URLs 
OPENAM-2604: Password reset should have configurable mail attribute  

OPENAM-2354: Zero Page Login should be configurable

Download and try it!


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