Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CA SiteMinder 12.52 release

CA has just released SiteMinder 12.52 with the launch of Enhanced Session Assurance with DeviceDNA™feature.

In this new release we’ve taken a significant step forward in security – something that all too often gets overlooked in the rush for SSO. The latest release of CA SiteMinder addresses the challenge of session stealing and replay with a new patent-pending technology that leverages the proven capabilities from our CA Advanced Authentication product line to map a CA SiteMinder session to a particular device. We can then detect if a session is stolen and replayed through a different device, at which time the session is invalidated and security is preserved.

The product that has been plugged into SiteMinder is CA RiskMinder. This product has been there for years.

If customers wanted to integrate SiteMinder with RiskMinder, they had to pay. With SiteMinder 12.52, everything comes free!

Now, I hope there is no need to install RiskMinder separately in 12.52 in order to use the Enhanced Session Assurance with DeviceDNA™feature.

By the way, this reminds me that OpenAM has similar feature since version 10.0.0 - Adaptive Authentication Module. In OpenAM 11.0.0, the adaptive authentication capability has been enhanced with Device Print authentication module.

OpenAM adaptive authentication capabilities now include the Device Print authentication module (OPENAM-1375). The Device Print module uses characteristics of a system, including installed fonts, screen resolution, timezone, and also geolocation to uniquely identify the system. The Device Print module includes all of the functionality associated with the HOTP authentication module.

Nothing extra to install. The new module comes built-in by default.


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