Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ForgeRock OpenAM: Delivering Trust and Reliability

I didn't say it. A paying customer in Holland said it.

The team considered many access management solutions and eventually decided to implement ForgeRock OpenAM, all-in-one access management platform. A main selling feature for OpenAM was the fact that the solution was open source. 
“Out of all of the access management solutions that we researched, ForgeRock was the best company to offer a fully open source access management platform,” said Paul Saraber, Enterprise Architect, Portbase. “We have found, open source access management solutions to be much more secure than closed source because they allow developers to identify and fix security- related bugs faster than legacy, closed-source platforms.”
Further, the transparent software subscription model based on a pay-per-use license instead of CPU or VM model that is common among other vendors, offered more value and was easier to manage and budget.


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