Thursday, June 12, 2014

Goodbye SpamHero!

A year ago, we said goodbye to Postini. Today, we are saying goodbye to SpamHero!

What should I say? The hard truth is that transiting from Postini to any other spam-filtering solution is never going to be easy. Postini has a high standard to begin with. Their spam filtering capability is next to none.

So what went wrong with SpamHero. Their spam filtering is not just up to my expectation. That's what I have to say.

So few weeks ago, we shopped around … again. This time round, we finalized on MailCleaner.

MailCleaner is a business anti spam gateway installed between your mail infrastructure and the Internet. It offers professional protection against viruses and eliminates up to 99% of spam.

MailCleaner offers 3 solutions - Cloud Anti-Spam, Cloud Appliance, Virtual Application.

For a start, we tried the Cloud Anti-Spam as this is the simplest integration. Good result. Happy customer, we are.

What's even better? MailCleaner has a Community/Open-Source Edition where the MailCleaner Virtual Appliance can be download. One can then install MailCleaner on-premise.

Very simple to install. Configuration can be a little difficult, but there's a great community to tap on. Most of my doubts can be found in the forum.

So fingers cross. I hope we'll stay with MailCleaner forever.


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  1. Thanks you Chee Chong for this great post!
    OB MailCleaner Team