Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Unbreakable (backward-compatible) OpenAM Login Page

I am currently migrating OpenAM 9.5.3 to OpenAM 11.0.2 for a customer based in Singapore. In fact, I migrated Sun Access Manager 7.0 to OpenAM 9.5.3 few years back for the same customer. How time flies? Getting older. :)

The migration is pretty smooth so far … with a little surprise and confused me for a while.

We know the UI for OpenAM 11 looks like the one below:

But after I ported customized codes and JSP pages over, I was constantly redirected to the old OpenAM server! How can it be?!! The below was what I saw...

It took me (and my colleague too) quite a while to realize that we are in fact landing at OpenAM 11 Login Page.

See the differences below? ForgeRock logo and footer are different in OpenAM 11.

Ok lah, from backward-compatible point of view, well done man! Good job!

By the way, I ended last month with a 50-km trail race - The North Face Singapore.

Awesome run!


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