Thursday, December 4, 2014

Google reCaptcha revamped!

We integrated SimpleCaptcha with OpenAM for one of our customers before. And the #1 complaint was always "How to make the distorted words or numbers more human-readable?"

Google's reCaptcha technology was also based on  distorted words or numbers. But they are now changing ... reCaptcha will be reduced to nothing more than a single checkbox next to the statement “I’m not a robot.” (Source here)

Instead of depending upon the traditional distorted word test, Google’s “reCaptcha” examines cues every user unwittingly provides: IP addresses and cookies provide evidence that the user is the same friendly human Google remembers from elsewhere on the Web. And Shet says even the tiny movements a user’s mouse makes as it hovers and approaches a checkbox can help reveal an automated bot.

This is a good move!


  1. Can you please share with us your code of SimpleCaptcha? We would be glad to review so we can do the same for recaptcha.

  2. Try to start from here Then proceed to here

    1. thank you for your response. I'm more concerned about how to integrate it in OpenAM.