Tuesday, January 27, 2015

OpenAM CTS Configuration Parameters - Root Suffix

Be careful if you use an external OpenDJ as the OpenAM CTS store.

The documentation has the following suggested root suffix.

It seems to suggest that root suffix for my deployment should look like "ou=openam-cts,o=xx.xx.sg". (RED arrow). However, during testing, I found out that sessions are created right under "ou=openam-cts,o=xx.xx.sg, and not the desired "ou=famrecords,ou=openam-session,ou=tokens,dc=openam-cts,o=xx.xx.sg".

The actual format for root suffix should be "ou=famrecords,ou=openam-session,ou=tokens,[your organization]".

This will create the OpenAM sessions nicely under ou=famrecords.


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